Elina Brotherus

This is a video I found by Elina Brotherus entitled “Francesca Woodman’s Aunt’s”. Brotherus is heavily inspired by Woodman, which led to her creating this video. Two photographers (one being brotherus) pay homage… Continue reading

Multiple Personality Disorder

I watched this video after reading about false memory syndrome and multiple personality disorder relating to photography. While not relevant at all it was interesting seeing how this woman just switched between her… Continue reading

FMP Sketchbook

I have done all of my work for my FMP in a sketchbook as I find it 100x easier to work with. Some things (such as videos) I have researched and put in… Continue reading

Elizabeth Loftus: Repressed and False Memories

TED talk This was one of the most interesting TED talks I have seen. And I’ve seen a lot! Memory works a little bit more like a Wikipedia page: You can go in… Continue reading

The Ingram Case

Ofshe Report on the Ingram Case In 1988 Paul Ingram’s daughters accused him of sexually abusing them and performing Satanic Ritual Abuse. Initially he was adament he was innocent, but as the trial… Continue reading

Recapturing the Aura – Final Presentation

Link to recording – http://youtu.be/hB8oKV2yFA8 Script/Final Essay – The idea of art having an ‘aura’ has been brought up for contemplation for quite a while, initiated by Walter Benjamin (1992). He discussed how… Continue reading

Development of ideas, theories and the presentation

At the beginning of this module I struggled to pick a strong theme. I knew I wanted to look into alternative processes in the digital age but this is such a wide area… Continue reading

Artist research into Jefferson Hayman

Jefferson Hayman was suggested to me by Daniel. I struggled to find other artists looking into similar themes of nostalgia that had much information on them as in general they were less known.… Continue reading

Artist research into Sally Mann

I did a lot of research into Sally Mann as I wanted to ensure my point wasn’t assumed. I wanted to discuss how everyone gets the same effect from her work so it… Continue reading

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction – Walter Benjamin

This has been the most informing essay I have read as it supported my artist research and linked all of my points and theories together. I found it quite difficult to follow and… Continue reading